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Coastal Town

Catalyzing Coastal Climate Resilience with Fintech in Africa
Climathon - Cape Town

The CIFAR Alliance, BFA Global, and Mastercard's Center for Inclusive Growth will host their inaugural Climathon, focused on Catalyzing Coastal Climate Resilience with Fintech in Africa, to develop innovative, high-impact solutions for more climate resilient cities, culminating in minimum viable product ideation for a fintech-enabled product that builds the resilience of vulnerable communities in coastal urban areas.

The Climathon will be a 48-hour event that gathers young entrepreneurs, engineers, business administration, climate specialists, and different talents to develop innovative impact solutions for a more resilient city to climate change.

Date: February 17-19, 2023

Venue: Workshop 17 Watershed

Why participate?

Mentors, coaches, experts, and business leaders will work alongside entrepreneurs to define the local challenges and identify potential solutions to make their city more resilient to climate change.


During the event, entrepreneurs in the community can network and learn with industry leaders from academia, the private sector, and the government, to finalize the event with minimum viable product ideation, a financial product focused on climate coastal resilience in urban and blue contexts. 

The ask

During the Climathon, we expect 30 participants to tackle local challenges, for example, aimed at:

  • Sustainable fisheries and aquaculture value chains

  • Protected areas management

  • Climate resilient coastal infrastructure

  • Coastal insurance and other financial products

  • Blue and urban carbon

  • Coastal renewable energy

  • Blue bonds

  • Health services for blue livelihoods 

How to participate?


Contribute to shaping the future of Coastal Climate Resilience in Africa


Are you passionate about impact, fintech, and climate change, with skills ranging from project management, environmental science, data science, engineering, and UX design?


Join as a  team member

Register now for an opportunity to collaborate with other innovation savvy individuals on building impactful solutions for coastal climate resilience and fintech. Register here. 


Join as a coach/mentor 

Sign up to help the teams with your expertise by providing tutorials, best practice documents, and supporting them with both the development and pitching of their solutions throughout the competition. Get involved.


Winners will be offered a fellowship with the TECA (Triggering Exponential Climate Action) program, a venture launcher seeking out and funding high-potential individuals with a passion for climate action to develop ideas into ventures.

Friday, February 17th
8:30 am - 17:00 pm

Day 1 - Defining Problems and Solutions


  •  Form teams

  • Identify problems

  • Identify and prioritize solutions

  • Articulate vision 

Saturday, February 18th
8:30 am - 17:00 pm

Day 2 - Designing an MVP


  • Design prototype

  • Test and revise prototype

  • Create pitch

Sunday, February 19th
9:00 am - 12:30 pm

Day 3 - Demo Day and Award Ceremony


  •  Meet the judges

  • Make your pitch   

  • Receive awards 

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