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TECAthon in Mexico City

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Enabling Small and Micro Businesses to Thrive in Mexico's Sustainable Blue Economy








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Our Objective

Mexico, with its vast coastlines touching both the Pacific and the Atlantic, faces unique challenges in the development of its blue economy, which seeks to sustainably exploit marine resources. Overexploitation of resources, pollution, and climate change threaten its marine ecosystems and the viability of sectors such as fishing and tourism. Committed to balancing economic growth and environmental conservation, Mexico is moving towards sustainable practices, protecting marine areas, and promoting eco-responsible tourism and renewable energies, thus ensuring a prosperous future for its coastal communities.


Our Methodology

For our event, we opted for a workshop format in which participants were paired with a panel of mentors, experts in various fields of innovation that cover climate, the blue economy, and entrepreneurship. The goal of these mentoring sessions was to provide guidance and support throughout the process. At the end of the event, each participant had to deliver a 5-minute speech that comprehensively addressed all facets of a business model.

The Results

After 48 hours of intense work, we have distilled 6 innovative business ideas, each developed in direct response to challenges related to the blue economy, such as coral conservation, responsible water use and reuse, sargassum reduction, among others.

From these, we have recognized the top 3.

1st Place New Idea

Coral Wall

Coral Wall, with an innovative solution to reduce the impact of waves on coastal infrastructures by 60%. This wall will be constructed from an eco-friendly material, which will not only reduce the impact of the waves but also allow for the creation and conservation of corals.


Mentors and Judges

Throughout our Climathon, we had the collaboration of 22 mentors. They played a pivotal role in accompanying the participants throughout the entire event, providing their assistance to guide their projects and construct the final pitch. Subsequently, these participants presented their solutions to a distinguished panel of 5 judges, responsible for evaluating and selecting the winners:


Hanna Larios - Participant

"In just two days, I stepped out of my comfort zone. From forming a team from scratch to solving a problem, every moment represented a true challenge for me. However, the most remarkable aspect was the privilege of having exceptional mentors, whose guidance was crucial in leading our idea to success. Moreover, I had the opportunity to connect with inspiring people who are committed to these issues. This experience will remain in my memory as a time of growth both personally and professionally."


Juan Moreno - Participant

"Inter-generational collaboration is key to developing mitigation and adaptation solutions for climate change, combining years of experience with innovative solutions and the use of technology for a more sustainable future."

Our Partners

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Mentor Presentations:

In this section, you can access the presentations given by each of the mentors to the event participants:

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