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Carbon Finance Co-Lab Brown Bag with Verra

CIFAR Alliance

Feb 15, 2024

Exploring Verra's Role and Innovations in the Evolving Voluntary Carbon Market

The Voluntary Carbon Markets (VCMs) hold immense potential in offsetting carbon emissions through various mitigation projects. However, significant challenges, such as a lack of transparency and integrity within the market, still persist. To address these concerns, Verra has been working to set the standards and certify the projects.

In this Brown Bag session moderated by Jane Del Ser (Principal Consultant, BFA Global & Carbon Finance Co-lab Co-lead, CIFAR Alliance), Verra's experts, Benktesh Sharma (Senior Director, Technology Solutions) and Justin Wheler (Senior Director, VCS Program Development) shed light on: 

  • How Verra is using digital tools to measure, report, and verify carbon emissions and reductions

  • How Verra engages and works with project developers to create and improve methodologies that reflect their needs and challenges

  • How Verra envisions a harmonization of standards and the future of the voluntary carbon market

Key takeaways: 

  • The adoption of digital tools is essential for enhancing the accuracy and efficiency of carbon measurement and verification processes within voluntary carbon markets

  • Continuous efforts to improve methodologies, embrace new technologies, and address emerging challenges are critical for the sustained growth and effectiveness of voluntary carbon markets

  • Collaborative engagement with project developers is crucial for developing methodologies that are tailored to real-world challenges and conducive to broader market participation

Watch the full recording below

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