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CIFAR Alliance at the 2024 Skoll World Forum

CIFAR Alliance

Apr 10, 2024

Applying a gender lens to climate solutions: Insights from the CIFAR Alliance

In the wake of escalating climate crises, addressing gender disparities has emerged as vital in formulating efficient and inclusive climate solutions. At the 2024 Skoll World Forum, the CIFAR Alliance participated in a "Gender Intentional Climate Solutions" panel exploring the gendered impact of climate change. Rohini Kamal ( BRAC Institute of Governance and Development (BIGD), BRAC University), Nelly Ramírez Moncada (CIFAR Alliance), Maelis Carraro (Catalyst Fund), AnnRita Njiru- Mugo (The Rallying Cry)  and Christabell Makokha, MGBA ( CARE, USA), shared insights on:

  • The importance of applying a gender lens to climate action

  • How gender-intentional approaches can enhance climate resilience and drive positive economic outcomes

  • Gender dynamics in the development of climate-smart innovations and

  • The necessity of inclusive, equitable strategies to address climate challenges effectively

Watch the recording below to learn more from the experts.

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