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CIFAR Alliance Earth Day Event: Strategic Road Map Briefing

CIFAR Alliance

May 4, 2023

A roundtable discussion on innovative and inclusive tech solutions for climate resilience

As a member-led forum for knowledge-building and action, the CIFAR Alliance has made great strides in advancing innovative and inclusive tech solutions for climate resilience. On Earth Day, the alliance hosted a roundtable event to explore the latest developments in this field and lay out a strategic roadmap for the future. The event was a great success, with participants sharing their ideas and insights on how we can continue to work together toward a better future for the planet.

Key highlights from the event include:

  • The importance of collaboration between different sectors to achieve climate resilience

  • The need for innovative and inclusive tech solutions that can be scaled up to address climate change challenges

  • The role of digital finance and fintech in powering climate resilience

Learn more about the discussions and insights by watching the full recording of the event below.

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