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Climate Resilience and Financial Inclusion: CGAP's insights so far and the way forward

CIFAR Alliance

Aug 17, 2023

Unpacking the role of financial inclusion in autonomous adaptation to climate change

Financial inclusion can play a critical role in enabling autonomous adaptation and building grassroots resilience to climate change. The CIFAR Alliance hosted a brown bag session to unpack CGAP's research on financial services and climate resilience. The session, led by Wendy Chamberlin and Silvia Baur-Yazbeck, explored existing approaches and identified knowledge gaps in financial services, all in the quest to enhance climate resilience. The discussion revealed that: 

  • An inclusive financial system is a fundamental enabler of adaptation and an absolute necessity for a just transition

  • Financial inclusion is a key factor in building green resilience

  • Digital financial services have significant potential to help households and businesses protect against and manage climate risk

  • Applying a gender lens to work on climate adaptation, resilience, and financial inclusion can lead to women's economic empowerment and, by extension, the achievement of wider global development goals

Watch the recap below.

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