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Climate Resilient Agriculture, Can digital technology make a difference?

CIFAR Alliance

Jun 16, 2023

The intersection of tech and sustainable farming

The CIFAR Alliance hosted a brown bag session to explore the intersection of technology and sustainable farming. The speakers: 

  • Graham Wright - Managing Partner, Microsave Consulting and Co-Lead of the Climate Resilient Agriculture Co-Lab of the CIFAR alliance

  • Ashley Olson Onyango - Head, Financial Inclusion & AgriTech at GSMA

  • Puneet Chopra - Global Partner: Agriculture & Climate Sustainability at Microsave Consulting

  • Cristina Rumbaitis del Rio - Senior Advisor, Adaptation and Resilience at United Nations Foundation


  • The potential of digital technology to improve the quality of information systems, strengthen local capacities, and bridge the digital divide to realize the potential of digital technologies

  • The role of digital technology in mitigating the effects of climate change on crops and livestock

  • The prospects for adaptation leveraging digital technology and how solutions can be financed

Key takeaways: 

  • Digital technology can be used to identify farms that are resilient to climate change and those that are highly vulnerable

  • Digital technologies are both key enablers of emerging climate resilience solutions such as weather index insurance and precision agriculture

  • Digital services have significant potential to strengthen the climate resilience of smallholder farmers and rural populations 

Watch the full recording below

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