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Decoding Carbon Offsets: Renoster's Insight into Transparency and Value Assessment

CIFAR Alliance

Aug 18, 2023

The crucial role of transparency in carbon offset markets

This session was the first of a learning series led by Jane Del Ser and Tim Rann, co-leaders of the Carbon Finance Co-Lab. It featured Saif Bhatti, Founder, and CEO of Renoster, who discussed how Renoster is pioneering in providing transparency on offsets and revealing their actual value from a carbon standpoint.

Saif's presentation provided valuable insights into the importance of transparency in carbon offset markets.

Key takeaways: 

  • Transparency is essential in carbon offset markets to ensure that carbon credits are real, verifiable, and positively impact the environment

  • The lack of transparency in unregulated carbon offset marketplaces is a significant problem that is further exacerbated by issues that include an absence of auditable proof that offsets are, in fact, real and aren't sold in a duplicate fashion

  • Carbon offsets will remain a critical tool in fighting climate change, even as many companies work to eliminate emissions

Watch the recap.

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