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Enabling and Financing Locally-Led Adaptation

CIFAR Alliance

Jan 25, 2024

What role can blended finance and digital technologies play?

Climate change is one of the most pressing issues of our time. It impacts millions around the world, particularly the most vulnerable communities. We must adapt and build resilience to the changing environment to navigate this complex challenge.

Crucially, adaptation is not a one-size-fits-all solution. It requires local leadership, community involvement, and innovative approaches. This means local government agencies need to work hand-in-hand with affected communities to develop adaptation strategies. Moreover, adequate and accessible financing and technology are essential to support these actions.

In this Brown Bag session featuring experts Graham Wright (Group Managing Director, MicroSave Consulting (MSC)), Wendy Chamberlin (Vice President, Research and Advisory, Busara), and Eric Kaduru (Senior Technical Advisor, CARE), we discussed:  

  • The crucial role of blended finance and digital technologies in facilitating and funding locally-driven adaptation to climate change

  • How to adapt to climate change with local leadership and innovation.

  • The importance of educating communities about climate change and its impacts

  • The specific challenges faced by farmers and potential adaptive farming practices

  • The role of policy and regulation in facilitating climate change adaptation

Watch the full recording below

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