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CIFAR Alliance

Oct 17, 2022

Join our Members at this event

How Impact Investment Is Evolving: From Homo Sapiens (Silos) to Home-Sapiens (Interconnected with Housing)

2:30 PM - 3:15 PM PDT on Monday, Oct 17

Article 25 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, recognizes adequate housing as a right of every person and as the foundation for all human development. And yet more than 1.6 billion people are currently housing insecure. Meanwhile, impact investors broadly have not prioritized housing as a solution to poverty in the Global South. Can startups advancing new technologies – from 3D printing construction to modern piped water infrastructure – change the tide?

Interconnected with wealth, health, climate, equity, and many other outcomes, Investments in innovations in the housing sector address housing insecurity directly by reducing costs, increasing access, and mitigating the harshest impacts of climate change.

International non-governmental organizations (INGOs) like Habitat for Humanity International and Mercy Corps have championed investments in social ventures globally, from Cambodia and India to Kenya and Mexico. These unconventional investors will share their trials and tribulations in using impact investments to achieve desired outcomes.


SoCAP Panel - Climate Smart Futures

3:15 PM on Tuesday, Oct 18

We will also be hosting a session at SoCAP on Climate Smart Futures: How emerging fintech and Web3 startups are building a new paradigm for climate resilience. Over the past two years, there has been a surge of companies and initiatives leveraging fintech, Web3 and blockchain to confront the climate crisis on multiple fronts. We’re already seeing how blockchain can enable supply chain traceability and digital property rights, how decentralized autonomous organizations can de-incentivize carbon use and incentivize climate action, and how investors can play a crucial role in regenerative finance structures. This session will explore what this means for emerging markets, and how can we break through the hype of the Web3 movement to provide tangible results for the planet, and those most impacted by climate change. We’d love for you to join us for the session!

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