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Tech-Driven Biodiversity: From Forests to Farms Sustainable Solutions in Action

CIFAR Alliance

Jun 21, 2024

Harnessing digital innovation to protect nature and empower communities

Biodiversity loss poses a severe threat to ecosystems, human well-being, and business sectors. On June 20th, the CIFAR Alliance, in collaboration with GSMA, hosted an insightful discussion with experts Alison Filler, Kenneth Rimdahl, Mahmud Johnson, Anna Colquhoun, and Eli Morrell, to explore how mobile and digital technologies can address this crisis, especially in low and middle-income countries. The discussion drew insights from GSMA and Nature Squared's "The Nature Tech Nexus" report, highlighting how innovation and sustainable business models can benefit people, nature, and investors.

Featured companies: 

  • Monsoon Tea Company (Thailand) - Improving forest biodiversity by growing tea in the forest and developing a mobile biodiversity traceability app for empowering farmers and ensuring end-to-end product traceability

  • J-Palm Liberia - Transforming the sustainability of wild palm oil harvesting by providing local harvesters with ecological information and using blockchain technology for improved traceability

Key takeaways: 

  • Successful implementation of technological solutions requires close collaboration with local communities to understand their needs and co-develop sustainable solutions

  • Providing underserved communities with modular solar panel systems can improve energy access and quality of life. 

  • Innovations like smart irrigation systems and drought-resistant crops can optimize resource use, increase crop yields, and ensure food security in vulnerable communities

  • Blockchain technology and mobile apps can enhance product traceability and empower farmers, ensuring that sustainable practices are maintained throughout the supply chain

Watch the full recording of the event below: 

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