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A benchmark analysis of frameworks for measuring climate resilience and adaptation

CIFAR Alliance Metrics and Measurement Working Group

Dec 5, 2023

10 principles for measuring resilience and adaptation based on a review of thirty different measurement frameworks

By Rashmi Jawahar and Patrick Nussbaumer (UNIDO), and Marco Del Rio and Benjamin Mazzotta (BFA Global)

Investing in climate resilience is complex. The CIFAR report by BFA Global and UNIDO offers clarity. It addresses the current demand for climate-resilient investments and the challenges in decision-making due to unclear metrics. The report outlines key patterns for measuring resilience, providing a useful tool for investors. This information can help align investment strategies with sustainability goals, focusing on long-term impacts. A must-read for investors in climate adaptation.

Download the Report

Download PDF • 293KB

CIFAR-UNIDO-Infographic 2023
Download PDF • 300KB

Rosita Najmi, Head Global Social Innovation, PayPal

“At PayPal, we believe in the potential of digital finance to enable disadvantaged communities and populations build climate resilience and thrive in the global net-zero economy. We look forward to ongoing collaboration with our CIFAR Alliance partners to enable responsible technological and inclusive financial innovations that create economic opportunity for climate-vulnerable populations around the world.”
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