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CIFAR Alliance: 2022 Annual Report

CIFAR Alliance

Jan 27, 2023

Seeing further together

The CIFAR Alliance emerged fully in the course of 2022 as a vibrant,

member-led and decentralized forum for knowledge-building and

action. From its roots in the DF4CR Initiative, the core members started

the year with an intentional process defined by a common vision,

commitments to tangible and coordinated action, and intentional

membership outreach and growth.

The Alliance that continues to emerge from this living process brings an

unusual combination of complementary but diverse perspectives and

expertise, with an ability and willingness to align to a transparent,

collaborative knowledge and solutions-building process aimed at a

single driving common goal - to materially improve the ability of

vulnerable communities to not only survive but thrive in the ongoing

reality of climate transformation on our planet, through joint action to

prioritize capital and innovation toward this overarching goal.

This report captures in summary the evolving storyline of the emergent

CIFAR Alliance in 2022, enabled by the continued partnership and

catalytic support of PayPal and the team members who have proved to

be essential founders and partners of this emerging movement.

CIFAR Annual Report 2022_Final
Download PDF • 9.59MB

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Rosita Najmi, Head Global Social Innovation, PayPal

“At PayPal, we believe in the potential of digital finance to enable disadvantaged communities and populations build climate resilience and thrive in the global net-zero economy. We look forward to ongoing collaboration with our CIFAR Alliance partners to enable responsible technological and inclusive financial innovations that create economic opportunity for climate-vulnerable populations around the world.”
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