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Climate Adaptation and Resilience Metrics Co-Lab Brown Bag

CIFAR Alliance

Jan 18, 2024

Advancing Resilience: Frameworks for Measuring Climate Resilience and Communicating Results

Assessing climate resilience and adaptation solutions is critical to inform an effective allocation of resources and capital. The CIFAR Alliance Co-Lab for climate adaptation and resilience metrics recently hosted a Brown Bag session to present two publications that evaluate the landscape of climate resilience metrics and explain how startups can effectively measure resilience:

The panelists Marco Antonio del Rio, Malika Anand, Patrick Nussbaumer, Benjamin Mazzotta and Simon Schwall provided a comprehensive understanding of current metrics frameworks, their role in advancing climate adaptation efforts, relevance to investors and tech-enabled solutions, and how they align mission and incentives for both investors and founders.

Key takeaways:

  • Understanding how metrics contribute to informed investment decisions is essential for mobilizing financial support toward climate resilience initiatives

  • The intersection of technology and climate adaptation can unveil innovative approaches to addressing environmental challenges

  • Investors and founders should prioritize the alignment of mission and incentives to ensure that climate resilience initiatives are effectively supported

Watch the full recording

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